Car key covers | Keysleeves Australia


Car key cover provides a solution to protect your car key from drops, scratches and general wear and tear whilst doing so in style! We have a range of different colours and designs for most car manufacturers.  They also make for the best birthday gift or Christmas gift for car lovers!

As automotive technology advances we are seeing a shift from the traditional car key to a smart car key fobs (keyless entry). Although this is highly convenient and a great advancement, it does mean that replacing the cost of a lost, damaged or broken key is astronomical compared to older model cars.

There are a range of different materials ranging from metal car key covers for ultimate protection, ABS plastic car key covers for a firm end-feel and TPU plastic key fob covers for a sleek gloss finish. No matter what material you choose, you’re guaranteed to stand out amongst the crowd with a stylish new car key cover. 

Installation is quick and easy. Just slide your key fob into the car key cover and pop on the backing plate and you’re good to go. Some of the metal and ABS plastic key covers come with silicone button covers and a car keychain, you can check out a quick installation guide here.

So whether you’re after a new car accessory, a gift for birthdays or Christmas, Keysleeves has got you covered (pun intended)!

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